Four fish favourites in Brixham

Posted: 22/03/2019

Nothing but fish!

As the 2nd largest fishing port in the country, it's no surprise that many of the restaurants in Brixham specialise in serving you some of the best fish for lunch and dinner (even breakfast if you want!). 


Rockfish in Brixham sits on the edge of the world-famous fish market overlooking the boats as they land their catch. The restaurant and terrace look directly down to the fishing fleet and is an exciting sight to see fish of all shapes and sizes coming ashore. Whether you decide to have fish and chips or indulge in a more unusual catch there really isn't a better place to enjoy your seafood.  

Simply Fish

With a bistro, take-away and restaurant you'll be able to get your fish fix anyway you like. As a family-run business Simply Fish they are firm belivers in sustainability and try to introduce their customers to new fish varieties. The restaurant and bistro have a contemporary look and feel, whilst maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for the whole family to enjoy.


This is a lovely place to sit and watch everything going on in the busy harbour. Enjoy a light bite of superb seafood and a glass of something chilled; prawns, crab, oysters, cockles, mussels and clams are just some of the delights you can enjoy. If the weather is a little threatening then Claws Indoors across the road offers shelter and the same delicious food.

Just watch the seagulls - they love a crab sandwich!

Shoals on the Lido

This iconic Lido Cafe is set in a superb location on the upper floor of the wonderful Shoalstone Sea Water open air pool providing stunning sea views. Fom the alfresco terrace you can sit back, relax, catch an amazing sunset and watch the trawlers and day fishing boats en route to Brixham from all around the South West waters. The seafood served comes straight from the family trawlers landing directly at the local Fish Market so quality is never an issue. 

Properties you might like around the harbour include:

For more information and to book call 01803 855 102.